In their own words:

“My role in ICU is to help patients on ventilators or those with impaired respiratory function breathe more easily. I also help with the rehabilitation of critically ill patients to keep their muscles from wasting and building strength.

Working on the Covid-19 ward was a difficult and scary time for both staff and patients. However, we’ve stayed united and overcame the worst of the pandemic with a tremendous sense of unity. I’m proud to work for the NHS and to make a real, positive difference on my patients lives.”

Charlotte Vaile

Intensive Care Physiotherapist
Greater London

Quote from nomination:

“Charlotte has been working non-stop with covid-19 patients in a major London hospital since the pandemic struck…and she has worked so hard to make a difference to those patients. Although the number of cases is depleting, she is still working in intensive care with those who are critically ill. Despite this, she remains positive throughout and always brightens up my day when she returns from work!”
– Kane Healy, Boyfriend

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