In their own words:

“Over the past year I have worked as a Junior Doctor in both A&E and Cardiology in a rural District General Hospital (DGH). When the pandemic struck, it soon presented its own unique challenges not only to the hospital and its staff but to the community as well. Aside from COVID-19, like most DGHs the hospital relies on larger surrounding hospitals for interventional services among others. As the pandemic worsened these essential services were slowly withdrawn, severely limiting available resources for the area’s most unwell patients.

The attitude and unwavering morale of all the staff at the hospital should not go unnoticed, and it is on their behalf that I gratefully accept this nomination!”

George Isitt

South West England

Quote from nomination:

“Despite being faced by the challenges of Covid-19, George has provided exemplary care to his patients and remarkable support to his colleagues. He even managed to find time to get engaged! We hope this will be a little token of both thanks and congratulations to our big bro!”

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