In their own words:

“In late March it became clear that there would be too many patients with severe Covid-19 symptoms for our existing ITU to care for. My colleagues from the surgical team and I were seconded to ITU for additional training whilst a new ITU was set up in the hospital’s operating theatres.
The workload over the next 2 months was as intense as anything I’ve done since qualifying. From the physicality required to roll patients onto their front (we call this proning and it helps to open up a patient’s lungs) every few hours to the mental fatigue that comes from frequently delivering sad news to patients’ families, this was a gruelling time for all.
My most prominent memory from this period is the way that staff from all disciplines continued to go about their work with a smile, going out of their way for both their patients and their colleagues. It was a humbling experience to work with such a committed group of people, and is something that will stay with me forever.
“I am really touched to have been nominated for an award, I hope my team will see this and know that it was a true team effort!”

Jonny Hedges

Junior Doctor
Greater London

Quote from nomination:

“My fiancé Jonny worked in the ITU at Croydon University Hospital from the start of the outbreak, treating both patients and colleagues. He spent time talking to families on iPads, enabling them to say incredibly difficult goodbyes. It’s been tough watching the impact on him…but I’m incredibly proud of him and how hard he has worked. We were due to get married in the summer and have had to postpone the wedding until next year. This will show him how much he is appreciated!”

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