In their own words:

“Working in the NHS as an ICU doctor particularly during the pandemic has been eye opening but rewarding. I feel really lucky to play a part in a very large organisation that has helped save so many millions of lives.
“The best thing about working in the NHS is being able to meet and work with people from all walks of life. I have worked in a number of different hospitals and love how they all have a shared goal.”

Kevin Karia

ICU Anaesthetist
Greater London

Quote from nomination:

“Dr Karia had to move away from home in order to reduce the risk of his elderly parents getting infected…as well as having to social distance from his partner for the last 4 months. He spent his birthday alone in April and despite all of this has kept a positive mental attitude. His can do attitude whilst he is at risk of getting unwell is amazing and inspiring and so I feel he really deserves a treat.”

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