In their own words:

“Part of my role is to see dying patients in the hospital and manage their symptoms. I also spend a lot of time with families, supporting them through one of the most difficult times.
“During COVID-19, it’s been challenging. Visiting is more restricted and there are often very sad situations when people cannot visit their loved one.
“It’s very hard talking about death and dying from behind a mask and visor. I have tried so hard to maintain humanity in these difficult situations.”

Lucy Kellaway

Palliative Care Nurse Specialist
South East England

Quote from nomination:

“My niece Lucy was on maternity leave and decided to return early because of Covid19. She is a wonderful mum of 2 young children, but her job is so important to her. She has had to deal with death most days, but she always does it with compassion and strength and brings comfort to the patience and their families.”

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