In their own words:

“In my role as a Focused Care Practitioner I work closely with GPs to provide health and social care support to the most vulnerable people in our community. During the pandemic I have been contacting our vulnerable and high-risk patients to ensure they have been receiving medicines and food parcels. I have provided emotional support, financial advice and working as part of a multi-agency team I have ensured that the health and social needs of our patients have been met during this difficult time for many.”

Sarah Murphy

Focused Care Practitioner
North West

Quote from nomination:

“My mum has worked for the NHS my entire life and I’ve always seen her going above and beyond, taking time out of her personal life to deliver something to a patient to make their day better. Each and every day she improves the life of someone else and makes their troubles slightly easier. She is the most caring person I have ever known, not even just to her family, but every person she encounters…she is amazing!”
– Dougie Murphy, Son.

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